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Expertise enables us to "run with the project"

Our depth of expertise in healthcare, professional services, the senior market and philanthropy allows us to offer keen insight and fresh perspectives. Tap into a skill set that includes writing, research, interviewing, marketing and design for each of these areas...


Healthcare – Physicians and researchers

Professional services – Engineers, accountants, lawyers, recruiters and others.

Foundations / Fundraising – Reports and presentation materials for donors and grant-making organizations.

Senior residential centers – Seniors and their adult children

These areas of expertise require knowledge about certain facts, "stats" and access to resources. With this dynamic knowledge base, we can craft the message in a compelling and informative manner. Once written, we can apply the copy to various formats: a website, white paper, newsletter, annual report, etc.


How to market professional services

These video clips were taken from a presentation to mediators. The subject matter also pertains to lawyers, accountants, recruiters, engineers, financial planners and others. (Presenter: Liz Cezat)

  1. Develop a marketing plan and materials
  2. Segment your marketing plan
  3. Learn more about your clients
  4. The value of social media
  5. What triggers your services?
  1. Sell your professional services
  2. Work your marketing plan & partner
    for success
  3. Cultivate prospects and referral sources
  4. Networking to build your business

Healthcare marketing

With experience in promoting individual offices as well as major health systems, we bring you the best in strategy and execution, tailored to your needs and regional marketplace. Liz has a background in healthcare that enables her to translate the science of medicine, such as research advances and new treatments, into press releases and news articles for print or the Web.


Senior residential centers

We have a solid track record in promoting the lifestyle of senior residential communities to both seniors and their adult children. At one center, we led a sustained marketing campaign that increased the occupancy rate and fostered a more positive impression of the center in the community. Another assisted living center was completely full and had a waiting list within six months of opening, based on a collaborative marketing plan implemented by Cezat Creative Resources.


We conduct seminars and consult on these topics: [ See our presentations .pfd for details ]

Marketing for professional groups (Learn practical ways to promote your firm & gain new clients.)

Optimize your online brand (social media, blogging, networking and websites)

Organizational change (Communicating "change" and what employees need to know to meet that        challenge.)

Write reports and e-mails with ease (Does your staff need help composing clear e-mail messages,
       a refresher on basic grammar, and assistance with writing reports?)

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