About the Owner: Liz Cezat


Health Care Marketing

While on staff at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Liz learned the language of medicine. This in-depth experience enables her to translate the complex and technical concepts of medical and scientific research into readable reports, proposals and articles that can be understood by non-technical audiences. With this expertise, she has served as a consultant and writer for health care groups in Michigan, Ohio, California and other states.


Health care philanthropy is another area of focus. Liz has written dozens of case statements, grant proposals and brochures to inform and influence donors and grant-makers about nonprofit programs, services and capital campaigns.



The editorial excellence of Cezat Creative Resources is clearly demonstrated in our publications experience. Since her early start producing an award-winning publication for referring physicians, Liz has developed and served as editor of six publications at different health care organizations and senior centers. When asked: “How did you hear about us?,” customers at one health care organization consistently mentioned a newsletter produced by Cezat Creative Resources as one of the top five items.


Liz has a B.A. from Wayne State University (Radio, TV & Film) with a minor in journalism.