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Her creativity gently lifts and guides the message. She's a master at matching the right image to the copy for the desired impact. Sometimes, it's a clear link. At other times, it's clever and infused, befitting a more sophisticated audience.


Inspired by nature and sunsets, Marlies brings a vividly fresh approach to graphic design. She's an avid fan of the silly yet sincere writing of Dr. Seuss (yes, she's also a mom) and is delighted by his book, "Oh, the places you'll go." With a “glass is half full” attitude, she abides by the motto: "Do something everyday that makes you happy."



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"When I start to design a project, my first thoughts are, ’What am I going to pick-up and look at? What is going to catch my eye in a mass of media and product?’ Once I've answered those questions, I'm ready to go for it. I'm confident about my design.”


With a BFA from Eastern Michigan University and a minor in Art History, she knows theory and application. She has a deep appreciation for the cultural impact of art, and uses graphic design to create a lasting impression for clients. She has 28 years of experience as a graphic designer: in a corporate setting, at an ad agency and as an associate of Cezat Creative Resources.



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Jeanne has 23 years of experience working for a variety of clients in health care, non-profits, and educational institutions. She has a BFA from U of M, Ann Arbor. Jeanne also creates elegant and inspirational greeting cards. To see samples and place orders, visit: